Notes on good-bad 2NT

From "Better Bidding with Bergen" Vol 2

Good-bad 2NT applies in a competitive auction when:

  1. the bidding is at the 2-level.
  2. RHO has bid, doubled, or redoubled.

A bid of 2NT is competitive, while a direct bid at the 3-level would promise extra values (but is not forcing). The 2NT bidder might be planning to compete in any suit but he cannot be planning to reverse.

The partner of the 2NT bidder responds 3C in most cases, unless common sense dictates otherwise. The 3C bid can be passed if the 2NT bidder holds clubs.

A 2NT bid is not Good-Bad if:

  1. 2NT is natural and invitational.
  2. 2NT clearly would be unusual.
  3. either side opened 1NT.
  4. opponents open with a strong 1C.
  5. either side opens with a weak 2 bid.
  6. opponents are known to be very strong or our side is known to be very weak.
  7. opponents make a penalty double.
  8. 2NT has a conventional meaning (Lebensohl)
  9. when we have bid and raised a suit, or made a fit-implying cue bid.
  10. when we are already in a game-forcing auction.
  11. when we have made a pre-emptive jump.